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Maximum Lizard magazine

"Paper Rock Scissors" Free Promotional Copy of "Maximum Lizard Magazine".
Pages and pages of "Paper Rock Scissors". Detailed explanation of rules and scoring. The ultimate hands-on guide book. Meditative and invigorating. An unbiased view of the strengths and weaknesses of each position. A must have for every true fan and aficionado alike.

Maximum Lizard magazine #2 "Mushroom Maiden"
Folk tale about a young woman in the woods and majikal mushrooms.
print-on-demand and merchandise

Maximum Lizard magazine #1 "Troll vs. Goat"
A retelling of Billy Goats Gruff, explaining more in the tale... Who is that troll? Why was the troll under a bridge? Why did the Brothers Gruff want to cross the bridge so badly? Did it end there? Is it important to be polite?
print-on-demand and merchandise

Fuzzy Vision 14