I accidentally wrote that the website for Cliterature was "", it is actually My apologies to both you and them.

Mea culpa, Max

Not narcissism, just yet

It is a great time for me. I finally got Chicken Pox, which is much easier to share with my son rather than my scheduled mid-life crisis. Actually he shared with me.

The magazine Cliterature ( has published two of my pieces in its HAGS & WITCHES theme issue. Cliterature is a magazine about Women’s sexuality and this issue in particular is about the idea of Magic Power. They published my poem “Lost in Urban Landscaping #15” from my epic and “Chicken's Foot” from Boney Knees, my novel in progress about Baba Yaga. Please check out the magazine, look around, find ways to spend money and tell them how much you love me.

I have been invited to have artwork in the Pinellas Animal Foundation’s “Art Wine and Food Fest” at Raymond James International Offices in St. Petersburg Saturday, March 31, 2007. I have donated six paintings for their auction. More information can be found at their website If you have the opportunity to attend, I would love to see you there. Whether you can be there or not tell them how much you love me.

It is only narcissism if you don’t say you love me.

Lizard loves ya!