Autumn 2010

My comic 'My Pet Zombie' and my poem 'Winter Horde' will be published in the 'Zombie Nation: St Pete' Anthology ( The book premiere will be October 23, 2010 on the St. Petersburg Pier. Their previous anthology was a big success, so there is a lot of excitement over this!

I have created a board game, 'Sumo Dice' which will be premiered at the Necronomicon Science Fiction Convention ( I will be running games on Saturday and Sunday, October 23 & 24. Many "thank you"s to my play testers and David Waterman for making the game board! And just for fun I will be running a Monster Slayer (kid's D&D) adventure "Noise Control" on Sunday. Come and play!

Cliterature ( has published my poem 'Lost in Urban Landscaping #17' in its MYTHS theme issue. This poem was previously published in 'Say … #1 (Was That a Kiss)' way back in 2002.

In freelance news, I have taken on the duties of Web Master for Optimal Performance Group Incorporated (, the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour (, and the Academy of Our Saviour (

I started my new drawings for the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour’s annual Christmas Concert; this year's theme is "Christmas on Broadway".

Ink touches paper!