I have a problem staying off stages. It started recently. No, that's not it. This problem goes back a long time. An old friend mentioned to me that I have always been the center of attention person. I just haven't recognized this in myself until recently.

Now that I know what to look for, I am seeing just how pervasive my problem is. Apparently, everyone who knows me has been aware of my problem. And some of them have used my problem to suite their own wicked needs.

Most recently, I was invited to go to the USF Contemporary Art Museum to take part in their current exhibition. For those of you who have read previous blogs, you know that even though I stopped working there over a decade ago, I still seem to be held in their orbit.

The show "MashUp" included a piece by Pablo Reyes, where people get to 'air guitar' on a stage to selected songs, using a wooden guitar silhouette which is smashed by the participant. The guitar remnants accrue on the stage. They video taped the performances and then replay them on a monitor at the side of the stage for the rest of the exhibition.

I was performer #1.

Then after all the other performers finished, David Leonard of "Tampa Bay's 10" needed assistance for his feature. I was called on to assist because I have a problem.

Look for me with the mohawk (

I brought my family to the opening of the exhibition. My son jammed out to the song I performed. A reporter from the St. Petersburg Times took some photographs of him and loved the parallel performance.

My son introduced himself to the curator and the artist. The artist's wife suggested that my son perform to a song and smash a guitar as well. He chose the same song I had performed and he got a good size audience. Apparently, this is a genetic problem which I have passed on.

Check him out on the tbt* blog:

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