Recent publications

Once again I am pleased to say that Cliterature has published some of my poems. This issue the theme was Rules. They selected the following poems:

from A is for apple
The Human Marionette
Lost in Urban Landscaping #25

*** This is the fourth issue that I have had work appear in.

I am a runner up in the "Show Me the Domo" art contest by Tokyopop. My illustration of Domo will appear in the forthcoming Domo Manga published by Tokyopop, due in stores in September 2009. *** This is the second Tokyopop art contest where I have done well (see the Sumo Tournament / Sakura Pens related posts).

See the last few posts to see my artwork / puppets for the Experimental Skeleton exhibition "To Bodly Go" at the West Tampa Center for the Arts. *** This is my third Experimental Skeleton exhibit over the years (not counting Titanic Anatomy shows).

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