Winter 2010


Cliterature: Appetite issue ( published my short stories "Dinner Guest" – a minimalist tale of stalking and "The Best Little Zombie House in Florida" – a behind the scenes porn gone to horror.


So in early October my colon decided to have a flare up of diverticulitis – that is a swelling of a pocket in the colon. But that was not enough, it also decided that it needed to have a small perforation, just to complicate things. Now, I've had this happen to me once before, back in 2008, so I knew the drill; a week in the hospital with no food, just an IV for a week. Followed by a High Fiber diet. OK. Done. But then the doctor who admitted me added a new twist – once I am better he wanted to do surgery!

I liked the movie "Repo! The Genetic Opera" but I am NOT happy with surgery! And I don't want no repo-man coming for my parts!

So the doctor explains how he will do this surgery and I ask about laprascopic options and he says "I like to get my hands in there." So naturally I look at his hands. And damn! Those are BIG HANDS.

Worst X-mas gift ever: surgery in December!

Surgery takes twice as long than expected because of residue damage from my burst appendix back in 1997 (for those of you who don't remember, I died during that and spent a month in the hospital afterward). My body doesn't like this invasion and so it takes me much longer for my system to start processing food again. I end up in the hospital for ten days instead of the planned five. Everything is being doubled! A few internal stitches open, I bleed internally, plus my incision gets infected. The doctor cheerfully reopens my incision for me. Then they send me home, with an open incision which a nurse has to come and pack every day! FUN!

I have a hole in my belly. I have no energy. I am in pain. And since I am a contractor, I had to start work right away or not get paid. However, I am very grateful that I still have the job! I can even work from home.

With all things in perspective, it is good and I am doing well. I do hope next year involves less medical issues.

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