"To Bodly Go" begining

About 3 years ago, Mike Stewart saidto me, "Hey, I have this idea about doing an art show about the orginal Star Trek. Would you be interested?" Before I could even say, "Why yes, Mike, I do think I would be interested and it is a great idea and am jealous that I didn't think of it myself and end up asking you instead," my brain had started thinking of what I would do: comic book, flip book, zoetrope, ROD PUPPETS. I said, "Yeah, sure."

Then three years went on by. We would mention the show every now and then.

But after three years, Mike said Joe Griffith and Experimental Skeleton found a space for the show and we had a date.


ok, we all know Douglas Adams quote (if not, find it). But I like deadlines. It is the only time I work. I had THREE YEARS to work on this project, but did I? no. Not until I had a deadline. It is why I loved school, they always gave me deadlines. I have seen this pattern from me for the past 40ish years and it played out once again. So I finally started the project and got it done with five days to spare. That ws creepy. I've never had time to spare, at least never this much time. I am good enough to schedule in time to do touch-up / revisions, but this much time made me nervous and anxious. So I packed everything up and waited until I could bring it to the gallery.

I documented my process from begining to the show's opening:

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