To Boldly Go

The Experimental Skeleton Group and The West Tampa Center for the Arts
presents "To Boldly Go"
, an exhibition of art that explores the original
Star Trek television series. The exhibition features artists'
interpretations of the visual style, utopian vision, flora and fauna and
technologies of the Star Trek program as well as its effects on popular culture.

Participating artists include - David Waterman, Mike Stewart, Max Valentonis, Don Fuller,
Chris Deacon, Vincent Kral, April Childers, Allen Hampton, Bob Dorsey, Katey Raven Dorsey,
Brian Taylor, JR Bonds, Joe Griffith, Kym O’Donnell, Jason Rodrick, Bradley Paul Valentine and more!
With Special Sonic Enhancement by DJ Sam, DJ Brian Oblivion, and Bud Mayhem.

The exhibition opens May 22nd, 2009 at Gallery 209 in the West Tampa
Center for the Arts at 1906 Armenia Ave., Tampa Fl with an opening reception
from 7pm - 11pm and runs through June 14th.

For more information call 813-217-1240 or e-mail

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